Actress Madhura Internet cafe Romance Video Leaked

Actress Madhura Internet cafe Romance Video Leaked

Romance has become public in India these days and the western culture has become the trend for the upcoming models and college going youth. There have been lot of incidents that have come into light which have become popular because of the social networking sites.

The common man has been anxious to see what happened exactly because of the developed technology. Many of the morphed videos have been widely popular even without any content with the original one involved.

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The latest news is that a Mumbai based model Madhura has taken advantage with her boyfriend in an internet cafe. The model has exceeded her limits romancing with him in a public internet café. An unknown person has uploaded the video on youtube which has become widely popular.

The social networking users have been making it out to watch the video and they have been sharing this 2 mins video which created ripples. Madhura and her boyfriend remained unavailable to comment on this.


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