99 Bala krishna’s equal to Akhil debut film

99 Bala krishna’s equal to Akhil debut film

Seems to be shocking but yes 99 Bala Krishna‘s film is equal to Akhil Akkineni’s debut film is a current industry talk. This word is spreading fast in industry that they are ready to invest plenty of money for Bala krishna’s 99th film which will be mostly directed by a top director.

As per latest information from Tollywood sources Akhil akkineni debut movie is planned to finish up within the budget of 40 crores. And Bala krishna 99th film is also planned to be completed within 40 crores. But with no proper demand and box office stamina for faction movies there might be a very little scope for Balayya’s film to gain such a huge amount back.

99 Bala krishna's equal to Akhil debut film

“It is an open secret that produced always tries to make the film according to the market of that particular hero at box office collections. So, indirectly the budget shows the range of the hero at box office. Based on the calculations Producers are taking high risk if they made film with Balakrishna with around 40Crores.”

Box office stamina for both films are good but comparing to current trend there are very little chances for a movie to collect more than 40 crores unless the content is super high.

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