6 Things that make RamaNaidu the great

6 Things that make RamaNaidu the great

Six things in remembrance of Ramanaidu

Suresh Productions Logo: logo is completely unique idea. He has implemented it in our Telugu film industry. This productions was named under his sons name Suresh.

Acting in his own movies: Though he was a producer he had acted in his own films a lot. His passion in movie was show in some way or the other by acting.

6 Things that make RamaNaidu the great

Ramanaidu studios: It’s a temple for upcoming star. Every present star has stated their careers in Ramanaidu studios. It has given life to many movies. All the film that are presently running in the industry are directly or indirectly related and were done in Ramanaidu Studios.

Vignan Jyothi: This Vignan Jyothi instuite of management was started by Ramanaidu in 1991. He had a great thought of educating people and wanted to bring change. This management college has given valued education.


Given chances for many new upcoming actors:

He launched new heroines in to the industry with his movies. He has given life to many top actresses and supported them for their career. Most of the top heroines were introduced by Ramanaidu like Divya Bharathi, Nayanatara e.t.c

Valued sons:

His son Venkatesh is one of the top heros in telugu industry. Their family reputation and image in the state was maintained in top level always. His other son Suresh is a Big time producer and has produced a lot of films in industry.

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