13 Films Ready To Release Tomorrow  

On December 5th india wise 13 movies are ready to release.Almost 11 films from telugu and 1 movies from Hindi  and 1 movie from English.Lets wait and see how many films will get the hit talk at box office and how many films get average talk.

Here is the list of 13 movies

1) Lakshmi raave maa intiki

2) Chakkiligintha

3) Rendu rellu naluge

4) Vundile manchi kalam mundu munduna

5) Panchamukhi

6) Aggiravva

7) 6 to 6

8) Yamadutalu

9) Exdos (Telugu,Hindi,English)

10) The End

11) Action Jackson

12) Bhopal a prayer for rain

13)  Exdos


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