10 Interesting Facts about Ram Gopal Varma RGV

10 Interesting Facts about Ram Gopal Varma RGV

Talented director Ram Gopal Varma achieved National recognition with his movies. He is the only director who can wrap 8-10 films in a year.

10 facts about the versatile director Ram gopal varma RGV:

10 Interesting Facts about Ram Gopal Varma RGV
10 Interesting Facts about Ram Gopal Varma RGV

1. Born on April 7th 1962 in Bhimavaram, he completed his graduation in Vijayawada and he moved to Hyderabad for a business.

2. He started his first business which is renting VCRs along with Video cassettes. He has been arrested once because of pirated copies.

3. With no experience as an assistant director, Ram Gopal Varma impressed a star actor like Nagarjuna and made his debut with Shiva which ended as a huge hit.

4. Nagarjuna first planned to work with B Gopal for which the story has been spoiled by RGV which brought him the opportunity to direct the film.

5. Varma before making his debut in films worked as a Mechanical Engineer in Hyderabad. He worked as a site engineer for Taj Krishna which was under construction during that time. He was paid Rs 800 as salary.

6. Ram Gopal Varma is now running short of money and he is spending life so. His friends and close associates arrange everything when he goes out.

7. RGV wanted to make his debut with Rathri, but Nagarjuna was not interested in a horror film after which he penned the script of Shiva.

8. RGV used to watch every Hollywood movie when he had the video library. He reveals that the impact of Hollywood films has been on him.

9. Ram Gopal Varma is a huge fan of Sridevi and he admires her a lot. He even revealed the news many times during public events. He even said that he came to films only because of Sridevi.

10. Ram Gopal Varma achieved number of awards. He got 7 Nandi awards, 1 National award, 12 Filmfare awards and many more.