10 Interesting Facts About Hero Nani

Natural star Nani is one of the most prominent actors in Tollywood who came without the support of anyone.

Here are some interesting facts about the actor Nani :

hero nani

hero nani

1. Nani’s original name is Naveen Babu Ghanta and he was called as Nani from childhood which became even his screenname.

2. Nani was interested to work for films and turn director. He was inspired by Manirathnam’s movies after which he joined as a clap boy for Bapu’s films.

3. He started his film career as an assistant for Bapu’s Radha Gopalam and he worked for films like Allari Bullodu, Dhee, Asthram and other films.

4. He was a close friend of Nandini Reddy and they used to prepare scripts while working as assistants. Then even used to discuss many concepts related to films.

5. He even worked as a Radio Jockey by the reference of a friend and he was famous through the program ‘Nonstop Nani’ for which he worked for a year.

6. After coming to know that Mohan Krishna Indraganti is starting a film, Nani went to join as an assistant after which the director wanted Nani to play the lead role which turned his film life.

7. Nani has been in love with Anjana for over 5 years and then they got married without the permission of their parents. Later on the couple got married in their presence.

8. Nani’s better half Anjana works in the field of Marketing for Arka Media Works and she worked for Baaahubali.

9. Nani’s biggest dream is to do a film in the direction of Manirathnam. He was quite excited after he got a call to dub for Dulquar’s voice in OK Bangaram. He is eagerly waiting to see himself on screen in Mani’s direction.

10. Nani who is busy as an actor always wanted to direct films. He spends penning scripts during his free time and he revealed that he will soon direct a film once he gets the right script along with the right time.

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